When you sign up for a wahm zone “mini site”, you get a pretty well-established site out of the box – to see what I mean, check out the template site

From this starting point, it’s a simple case of working through the following steps to customise things for your specific business. The system is powered by WordPress software, so you will probably find the environment is very familiar.

  1. If you haven’t created your mini site yet, click here to do so, and then carry on with this quick startup guide.
  2. Log into your Mini Site and go to the Dashboard area
  3. Towards the bottom of the menu on the left, choose Settings -> General
  4. Change the Site Title, Tagline, Email address and Timezone to suit then click Save Changes
  5. Select Contact on the menu (about half way down) then click on Contact Us to edit the contact form
  6. Modify the email address under “To:” – this is the email address where you want to receive contact form submissions
  7. Click on Products -> Store Settings on menu and work through the various items setting details for your business. When it comes to the PayPal payment gateway, there is a link to click that will explain how to get the necessary details from your PayPal account.
  8. Now work through the Product Categories and Products – removing the example items and replacing with the items you wish to sell online.
  9. Use the Pages menu option to work through the various pages included in your mini site by default, change the content to suit. You will probably want to work through the Posts menu for similar reasons.
  10. To change the rolling images on the home page, look for the Display Buddy menu at the bottom and click Rotating Images.
  11. Finally, to customise the header, position of the sidebar, site background and menus the Appearance menu will provide the options needed.

For further assistance, drop into the Mini Sites group and discussion forums.


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