just a quick note about some exciting developments in the zone…

it probably goes without saying that I’m keen to see the community build, however I also want to see massive uptake of the mini site feature – it is after all a unique opportunity for part-time hobby businesses to create a web site.

to encourage their uptake, the pricing of each mini site has been set low at $6 per month, $16.50 per quarter or $60 per year.

however, there’s more….

seeing as i’m far more interested in community growth than squeezing every dollar out of the mini site owners, i’ve included an affiliate referral program that is free for all mini site owners to take part in.

within each mini site admin dashboard, under the ‘users’ menu, you will find an option to access an affiliates page. this is where you can get your affiliate link and track referrals.

for each referred member that signs up for a mini site subscription, you will receive 50% of the subscription fee; $3, $8.25 and $30 respectively.

note – all prices are in aussie dollars, and you will need a paypal account. paypal will take their small chunk from any monies received.

here’s to a thriving wahm community, and lots of opportunity for everyone to share the love!


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