Our Plain Language Guide to the Terms and Conditions of Usage of the wahm zoneThe spirit of our terms & conditions can be summed up with two words; “Play Nicely!”

As with our plain language privacy policy it is our intention and hope that we avoid a sprawling legal document governing your use of the system. In a nutshell we operate a “common sense” usage policy, allowing individuals to operate a professional web presence for their home business, hobby business, social club, group or organisation. If you put legally acceptable content online, and use your account for legitimate purposes then you will, generally speaking, have no problems.

If you use the service to set up spam-filled nonsense, use the wahm zone for spam advertising, put illegal content online, cause requests to us to remove such content etc. then you will be given the opportunity to fix things up to avoid having your account closed

If we discover that you are using your account as online file storage, cause unreasonable stress on server usage, or otherwise adversely affect the overall service availability, your account will be suspended.

At the same time, we don’t bog you down with minimum service contracts, nor do we “subsidise” the service by placing advertising on your mini sites, or throughout the social site. All accounts are free, with a small subscription fee for mini sites. you are free to cancel at any time.

We basically try to play fair with you, and if you reciprocate then we’ll all get along with no problems at all!


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