it’s an easy trap to fall into as a work-at-home parent; you’re facing a challenge in your business and everywhere you look it seems that potential solutions will require you to spend large wads of cash, or at the very least a lot of that precious resource we call “time”. You start to feel frustrated, isolated and alone, convinced that your “unique” set of circumstances make it impossible to achieve our goals.

just remember this – there is nothing new under the sun

the reality is that many people have faced the same, or similar, challanges that you are encountering. a wealth of information and advice IS available to you at little or no cost, and from people you might suspect to not be interested in helping your business; even people you might see as competitors!

whether it’s book-keeping, taxation issues, website building, marketing, or a whole range of other possibilities – others have walked this path before you, and can help point you in the right direction.

an authentic warm glow delivered using the medium of "community"

while traditional businesses have networking events, mentor schemes, or even training provided by local small business clubs, the work-at-home-mum/dad world has a growing sense of community. a whole host of directories, low cost advertising, and other valuable resources have sprung up; WAHMs in general are very happy to help their fellow WAHMs!

this community spirit is one where, despite occasional conflicts, the notions of “karma” and "pay it forward" really do seem to have their place. the idea of “you scratch my back…” has never had more potency than it does in the WAHM world.

ask and ye shall receive, in one form or another

quite literally, all a WAHM-in-need has to do is reach out to the community and help will be received. even better, finding such helpful people is just a few clicks away; just ask a wahm zone-ista, or head to Facebook and search for pages such as “WAHM Connection”, “Mums Who Make”, “Motivating Mum”…

you will be taking your first steps into a vast world, populated by experience, generous and helpful individuals. these are your fellow travellers on the unique and rewarding path of working-from-home!

I promise you this, spend 5 minutes searching for your WAHM soul-mates on Facebook or in the wahm zone, and you really will find that you are FAR from being alone…


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