because your hobby means serious business…

let's talk about you!

you've turned your hobby into a part-time business, you've maybe strutted your stuff at a local market or two and now you'd LOVE to put that shit online…

one small problem, when you look for help and guidance, the whole world seems to think you're trying to be the "next big thing", have got wads of cash to "invest" – they don't seem to get that you just want to bring a few extra dollars into your household (for now at least, world domination comes in phase 2…)

SO, welcome, welcome, WELCOME to the wahm zone!

this is the place you have been looking for. the place where you can find out how you get your hands on a little  "pocket money" each month. the place to get everything you need to help run your part-time biz.

in the wahm zone you will find all kinds of cool stuff that will help you to:

  • showcase your products to the world (or the bit of it that you want to deal with anyway)
  • discover that selling online is not only simple, it's powerful (and we won't even take a cut from your sales!)
  • talk about your biz until the ducks come home (or is that cows? – I always get those two mixed up)
  • promote the shit out of your business – we don't mind! it's your business deals, your business strategy, your business!
  • NOT simply make do with a "page" – act like a real business (because that's what you are)
  • give the usual business / website bullshit a miss – after all, do YOU really need mindset coaching to "take your business to the next level"??

want to find out more? that's natural. so you can find out everything (you didn't want to know and never even knew you didn't want to) by clicking here.

alternatively, if you're champing at the bit, itching to get your mitts on the good stuff, then delay no more my fine, home-based, part-time, hobby-business-owning friend of awesomeness…

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