OK, so I know some of you will have set up groups rather than pages, and will very soon find out that the Facebook Like Box widget works with pages only... Do not despair, all is not lost! You just need to set up a widget with some kind of image, and set it so that when clicked, your mini site visitors are transported magically to your Facebook group portal thing... 1. Add a Facebook icon image to your media library (http://yourminisite.thewahmzone.com/wp-admin/media-new.php) 2. Grab Read more [...]
When you sign up for a wahm zone "mini site", you get a pretty well-established site out of the box - to see what I mean, check out the template site From this starting point, it's a simple case of working through the following steps to customise things for your specific business. The system is powered by WordPress software, so you will probably find the environment is very familiar. If you haven't created your mini site yet, click here to do so, and then carry on with this quick startup guide. Log Read more [...]

It’s funny; “hello world” is always generated as an example post in any new WordPress installation, and usually gets deleted.

This one gets to live, because it really is a case of this exciting new network saying “hello” to the world at large!

To find out more, read all about it here