the PayPal Express Checkout payment gateway for your wahm zone mini site is tightly integrated into the workflow, providing a seamless shopping experience for your customers. enabling this level of integration requires use of the PayPal API, for which you will need to generate access keys, and configure them into your web site setup.

don’t worry, this sounds much scarier than it really is…

generating api credentials

to generate your PayPal api credentials, follow the instructions on this page

configuring your ecommerce system

once the api credentials have been generated, simply log into your web site admin area, locate the “products” section in the left-hand menu, and click “store settings” within this section.

you then need to click the “payments” tab on this screen – check the box against paypal express checkout (if not checked already) and set the paypal express checkout settings as follows:

  1. paypal site: usually the country you are in
  2. paypal currency: the currency you wish to use in your online store
  3. paypal mode: Live
  4. payal api credentials: API username, API password and Signature as generated above

the remaining items are optional and allow you a small degree of control over the branding on the checkout page.

click “save changes” once the details have been entered – and that's that! job's a good 'un…


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