if you’re running, or thinking of starting, a work-at-home business, you will hit a point where a Facebook page or Etsy account no longer serve your needs entirely. It is about this stage where your thoughts turn to creating a web site, so off you head to Google, full of enthusiasm, to research your options. shortly afterwards you return, feeling scared, dismayed or downright confused! you probably found sites that go into details about how many gigaflips and wotsit boxes you get, or signed Read more [...]
perhaps it is because I was born in the “nation of shopkeepers” that online commerce fascinates and interests me so much. whatever the reason, I am truly excited about the current wave that is just starting to hit our virtual streets; social commerce. I’m sure you’ve all heard about “social networking” by now, and are probably reading this via Twitter or Facebook. it has been a major shift in the way people use the ‘net, and like all new cultures and “paradigms” it is still struggling Read more [...]
you may not realise it (or maybe you do and just need the full story) - the wahm zone was founded on a vision. actually, no, not a vision, every man and his bloody dog has got a damned "vision" these days... let's start again! ok... the wahm zone was founded on an unstoppable urge to right a wrong, to solve a problem (that many people didn't even know could be solved) and to genuinely make a real bloody difference to the endeavours of hobby business owners. chances are (assuming that YOU are Read more [...]
just a quick note about some exciting developments in the zone... it probably goes without saying that I'm keen to see the community build, however I also want to see massive uptake of the mini site feature - it is after all a unique opportunity for part-time hobby businesses to create a web site. to encourage their uptake, the pricing of each mini site has been set low at $6 per month, $16.50 per quarter or $60 per year. however, there's more.... seeing as i'm far more interested in community Read more [...]